About the department

The Medical Device Technology Engineering Department was established at Shatt al-Arab Private College in 2023 due to the governorate’s need for this specialty. Its input was from graduates of preparatory school in the scientific stream (biological and applied), in addition to industry graduates (electronics and control, medical devices, and electronics). Modern scientific curricula have been adopted and keep pace with the development of the student’s scientific and practical material.


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The Department of Medical Device Engineering Technologies is one of the medical engineering departments. The department is moving towards expanding the base of technical education and its applications to be useful in providing technical services in the medical field in order to develop the accuracy of analysis, examination and diagnosis. As well as qualifying distinguished and innovative competencies scientifically, skillfully and behaviorally in the field of medical equipment technology and keeping pace with the departments. Competing with it in reputable international universities by providing community services by offering the latest study programs to create an advanced academic environment.


The message

The department adopts a general message based in its general form on the framework of technical education in Iraq, which it seeks to achieve every year to highlight the distinction of the department. The general goals are focused on graduating medical technical engineering cadres with a level of education and training who are able to work in the health sectors, accommodate humanitarian needs, and keep pace with technical developments, and include: The message is as follows:
Using modern medical device technologies in education and training.
Activating the relationship with the private sector in the areas of using medical devices in analysis, diagnosis and treatment.
Follow up on theoretical and teaching plans curricula through updating laboratories



Providing the student with scientific and applied skills that enable him to diagnose the work resulting from medical devices.
Graduating students who have the ability to be familiar with the parts of various medical devices and keep pace with the development taking place in their technologies.
Providing the graduate with the ability to have detailed knowledge of all modern technologies in the field of medical device engineering.
Developing the research and scientific technical capabilities of teachers and graduates, keeping pace with modern developments, and urging the use of advanced methods in areas of specialization.
Working to establish strong and joint scientific and research relations with the corresponding departments at the university and other universities through participation in seminars, courses and training workshops.
Providing scientific, technical and research consultations to departments in solving some scientific and specialized problems that some relevant institutions need.
The department aspires to achieve the desired future goals by crowning one’s academic career through doctoral studies in the department.